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Reactive and Planned Maintenance: How to succeed

After coming across the article “Reactive vs. Preventative HVAC Maintenance: How to plan for both” ( aimed at the Air Conditioning sector, it encouraged us here at Main-PRO to contemplate the two main types of property maintenance that we provide in our industry: Reactive and Planned.

Here are a couple of tips on how to be successful when dealing with reactive and planned maintenance which will ensure the smooth running of your commercial property:

1. Organisation and strategic planning- be on the ball.

This is key for both reactive and planned maintenance, that is why here at Main-PRO we use a well-thought-out and controlled system to delegate work to our operatives; this system ensures that all our customers are not only dealt with promptly, but that they receive the top quality service they deserve.

2. Be prepared for the unknown.

Whether it is a sudden toilet leak or a large planned building refurbishment, being ready to tackle the unknown is essential. This is why at Main-PRO we have a multi-skilled work force who have a broad depth of knowledge, and their well-developed skills allow them to tackle whatever comes their way.

3. ALWAYS maintain high standards.


Whether it is a reactive or planned service that you need, give Main-PRO a call on 0113 387 8790!

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